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3:40 speed check – original photo © Jonathan Brazil 0

speed check: go run 3:40

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you may have stumbled on my speed check runs from last year. The most adventurous of which was possibly the speed check marathon just...

chilly start – original photo © 0

it starts (again): back on the road

This week is when my plan to get ready for Tralee Marathon in April officially starts. I didn’t have anything too hectic lined up, having been through somewhat of a 4-week off-season. An off-season...

On the road for a new goal – original photo © 0

tralee: time for another challenge

Two weeks since the Dublin Marathon and my unsuccessful bid to claim the sub-3:20 I dearly desire. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve analysed not just my race data but also my training...


race day: dublin marathon

They say you should never meet your heroes: expectation always falls short of reality. The same is true of running – more often than not. You train hard, to build capability and confidence. Without...


speed check: unexpected 3:45

A few weeks back myself and a running buddy ran that stunning 50km piece of endurance madness. This week he got revenge by casually dropping it into conversation last Sunday that we might run...


the experiments: experiment one

I’m now out on my own following the completion of my guinea pig trial. That means it’s time for some experiments of my own construction. I started this experimentation last weekend and repeated the...