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#BVSC at the first ever Waterford City Parkrun event 0

parkrun: the 17-mile warm-up

Parkrun has become a phenomenon around the world. The zero-barrier to entry concept is possibly the most positively disruptive thing to happen in the running world since Bowerman’s ‘Jogging‘ hit the shelves in the...

food and drink reward for a PB in Clonmel 0

race day: clonmel half marathon

Out of bed at 0630h to do nothing but relax. A little bag-packing, breakfast preparation, and standing on the deck to breathe in the cool morning air. It was race day – race day for...

back pain – original image © 0

do it again: despite all

This weekend, the long run was no more than a repeat of last week’s challenging 18-miler. We just had to go out and do it again and if possible, do it more steadily. It...

perfect road photo © 0

run: repeat – consistently

Last week’s ‘long run’ was a 3-10-3 (or thereabouts). It was draining to say the least – my first real distance effort having returned to regular training. The obvious thing to do this week was...


testing: where am I?

So, after a week or so of sensible running with the ‘40 sessions‘, it was time to get back on the horse again. While I had hoped to start rebuilding my cardio base there...


speed check: unexpected 3:45

A few weeks back myself and a running buddy ran that stunning 50km piece of endurance madness. This week he got revenge by casually dropping it into conversation last Sunday that we might run...