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Things that stand out a little and are worth mentioning

Recovery – original photo © 0

recovery: how far is too far

For many casual runners the idea of a recovery run, following a long run at the weekend can sound like an alien concept. Trying to explain it to a non-runner takes a leap even...


race day: dublin marathon

They say you should never meet your heroes: expectation always falls short of reality. The same is true of running – more often than not. You train hard, to build capability and confidence. Without...


the experiments: experiment seven

The Dublin Marathon is getting close now which means that the experiments have to become more focussed. A lot of time and effort went into the early months of this year. Time taken to...

food and drink reward for a PB in Clonmel 0

race day: clonmel half marathon

Out of bed at 0630h to do nothing but relax. A little bag-packing, breakfast preparation, and standing on the deck to breathe in the cool morning air. It was race day – race day for...

guinea pig results – image © 0

guinea pig: the results

Back in November last year I posted about how I had entered a research study as a guinea pig, to investigate the effects of strength training on running economy for endurance athletes. I’ve posted...