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weekly summary: May 20 – May 26

weekly summary: May 20 - May 26
lowest weekly mileage I’ve posted in over 12 months – it’s been a tough week mentally

Following Tuesday’s run there was a bit of pain coming from the tendons at the front of the left ankle. I had something like this a few weeks before the Dublin Marathon last year and thought it was just a light strain. It didn’t feel good on Wednesday so I rested. Thursday I took off for 8/10 miles and 3 miles in the niggle wasn’t a niggle and I turned home to wrap up after 5 slow miles.

quitting for reason is sometimes necessary
sometimes you have to call it…

On Friday, stupidity knocked on my door and I invited it in. I took to the treadmill, thinking an easy run on a reliable surface would help get the movement back. After all I could still walk on it with no issues. A little pain for about 2 miles then I was warmed up and keep going with little concern for over 7 miles. Saturday morning I realised the error of my ways with a very swollen ankle. No running for the weekend. What should have been a 60+ week is now posted at 24 miles. A serious blow to the plan and my own state of mind. I don’t recall hurting the area specifically so all I can say is overuse was the cause – I don’t know though. We could be in a spot of bother here…

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