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weekly summary: June 03 – June 09

a week of 1 weight session, 2 runs, and 3 static bicycle adventures – I live in fear

Another awful week, reeling in the nuisance of whatever is wrong with my left leg. I believed that my problem was with my tendons. However, having spent most of the week off my feet and always being able to walk without issue, I’m now fearing that it may be something worse.

After my physio session on Thursday, all felt good. The problem didn’t react to any level of poking or prodding. It withstood a full range of stretches without reaction. My calf (on the same side) was as tight as piano wire but a good rub sorted that out. My physio was a little concerned about the nature of the swelling though. He thought perhaps it may have been a slight oedema.

Whatever is going on, it has me confused. Walking and stretching is no problem but a few miles into a run and bang! Yet, when I’m running, it doesn’t feel like the kind of pain that tells me to stop immediately. I don’t know.

This week’s weight session:
BS = Back Squat; RDL = Romanian Dead-lift; SS = Raised Back Leg Split Squat

Warm-up: BS 5x70kg, 5x90kg, 3x110kg
BS: 1x(5-rep) @ 125kg, 2x(5-rep) @ 130kg
RDL: 3x(5-rep) @80kg
SS: 2x(5-rep each side) @ 45kg

Context: BS one-rep max = 157.5kg

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