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weekly summary: June 10 – June 16

got some miles done this week – a treat in recent times
got some miles done this week – a treat in recent times

A 33-mile week plus 60 mins on the turbo trainer. It’s almost like I’m training again! The week started out with a visit to my doctor on best advice from my physio to ensure that nothing more sinister was going on with my leg. Blood tests done for pathology on Monday and an x-ray carried out on Tuesday. Thankfully all seems clear and we’re back to stubborn soft tissue problems. Silver linings I guess.

I’m not going to continue to moan about this anyhow. It is what it is, we are where we are as a wise man once said. I was very happy with the first two runs this week on the treadmill, no concern at all but I always knew that the varying surface of the road was going to be a bigger test. Sure enough, the 16 miles on Saturday helped the pain to resurface. It needed to be done though.

Lots of foam rolling last night, ice & heat too and I threw caution to the wind to attempt another run this morning. The calf was tight, the tendons sore. The longer the run went on, the less the tendons seemed to hurt but the worse the calf got. Vice versa when I rest. A quick submersion in the chilly waters of Tramore Beach seemed to be somewhat therapeutic – perhaps there is something to the old tales after all?

It’s just a case of getting through the Viking Marathon on Saturday and then dropping everything back to sort this out once and for all. Better days and weeks lie ahead.

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