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weekly summary: June 17 – June 23

a better week for mileage, a full marathon but still in a bit of trouble with injuries
a better week for mileage, a full marathon but still in a bit of trouble with injuries

A 36-mile week including the Waterford Viking Marathon. My summary post about the marathon tells the full story. Despite getting some miles in and completing the race in a respectable time, there remains a long road ahead.

I’m going to need new rollers for the Back Baller by the time the next couple of weeks are up. Everything hurts at the moment but it’s not really a good time to assess everything. Tomorrow will tell more of the actual damage done by having run the marathon yesterday.

A great physio session midweek directly contributed to how I managed to get around the course in that time. You cannot overlook the benefit of having a good physio on your side. You shouldn’t neglect maintenance by regular rub downs either. That’s something I should try much harder to keep on top of.

I’m not at square one but I’m not sure how far back I actually am. Analysing the heart rate data from the marathon and contrasting it to my last proper training run over a month ago made for terrifying reading. My cardio fitness has taken a huge knock. A few solid weeks when everything is back working again will sort that out though. During the downtime I will increase the number of weight sessions to compensate.

Psychologically speaking, I ran the marathon without giving up. I delivered a reasonable time that was faster than what I had set out at the beginning of the year. Being honest though, I hadn’t set out to run it at pace either. It’s fair to deduce from this that I achieved the initial goal. I would have comfortably run the sub-3:45 that I planned for yesterday. However, I also fell far short of what I could have raced had I been in full fitness. Target met plus a little insight into my physical and psychological state at the moment. I’m not altogether unhappy about it albeit wishing desperately that I was clear of injury.

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