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weekly summary: June 24 – June 30

lots of cycling to work and not much else this week
lots of cycling to work and not much else this week

Following on from the damage done during the Viking Marathon last weekend, this was always going to be a, shall we say, sedate week. Biggest concern this week wasn’t even the complete lack of miles but rather a suspicious pain around the area of my right achilles tendon (the opposite leg to my confirmed injury). Really hoping that there’s nothing untoward going on there. It’s like a burning sensation at times when just walking or standing (almost like having a cut exposed to salty water) but yet, during the same day, I can almost dance a jig on it with no pain.

There has been an incredible amount of foam rolling on the BackBaller this week. I knew I had to get right into the tendons on the left ankle after the marathon last week. Thankfully, touch wood, I seem to have done some good for it. A week of resting no doubt helped also. Got one session in the gym to ensure that I was at least doing something for my strength. Next week will hopefully have some miles by foot in it.

This week’s weight session:
BS = Back Squat; RDL = Romanian Dead-lift; SS = Raised Back Leg Split Squat

Warm-up: BS 5x70kg, 5x90kg, 3x110kg
BS: 1x(5-rep) @ 125kg, 2x(5-rep) @ 130kg
RDL: 3x(5-rep) @80kg
SS: 2x(5-rep each side) @ 40kg

Context: BS one-rep max = 157.5kg

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