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weekly summary: July 01 – July 07 (zero)

warts and all: a flatline zero doesn't happen often but I hide nothing
warts and all: a flatline zero doesn’t happen often but I hide nothing

Last week I had to rest after the damage I did to myself during the Viking Marathon. It was a grim week of cycling to and from work to make the suggestion that I was at least trying to stay fit. This week… what can I say? Last Sunday afternoon I wasn’t feeling great and by Sunday night I was in a lot of discomfort, suffering temperature increases and sweats, and feeling the need to sleep a lot. Monday morning was more of the same forcing me to call in sick to work. By Monday afternoon I knew something was wrong and headed for my doctor. He sent me straight to casualty for bloodwork. My doctor’s suspicions confirmed 8 hours later (the joy of being a public patient in a stressed health service). I had a pretty serious infection somewhere in my body – my CRP numbers were ‘impressive’.

I was admitted to hospital at 0230h on Monday night/Tuesday morning. On Tuesday I learned that I needed a CT scan to confirm our suspicions. My primary thoughts were that my diverticulitis had probably flared up again. Five years ago I had my first attack at age 35, a fit, marathon-running vegetarian, who never smoked, didn’t drink and led an active lifestyle. It baffled my doctors – I joined the 1%. Not exactly the top 1% I was hoping to break into.

Now, here we are again. It took a couple of days for the CT to happen but once read it confirmed the suspicions. I spent most of the week in hospital reading a good book. I was also on a pretty serious IV antibiotic that knocked me sideways – the book was far more enjoyable. I’m still not feeling right now, at home on oral antibiotics to finish off the job.

The net result is a week of zero miles, zero cycling, zero weight sessions. A rare entry in my training calendar but completely outside of my control. I’m not sure if the coming week will be much better as I really don’t feel right just yet. The last number of weeks has been a really rough patch with injury and health issues. What makes it most difficult is watching months of intense training rewards rapidly leaching from the body, knowing it will take a long time to get back to where I was once more. It will happen though – this is just a pretty serious speed bump for the year. My focus is still locked on October’s Dublin Marathon. I’m not writing off anything just yet. It just became a slightly bigger challenge now.

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