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weekly summary: July 08 – July 14

a couple of sneaky doubles at the end of the week but nothing crazy
a couple of sneaky doubles at the end of the week but nothing crazy

No hospital, no excuses this week. Sadly not; doctor’s orders to take it easy for the week and convalesce. Out of work for the week too which is far from ideal. Sadly it’s sometimes necessary to give the body a chance to recover properly. Thankfully the antibiotics are finished. Now I can begin to really get back to myself with nothing getting in the way.

The week comprised reading good books, resting, and not much else. I was starting to get itchy by the weekend. The terrible tiredness subsided on Wednesday/Thursday and I started to feel more like myself again. Then, I was supposed to be travelling on Saturday but really didn’t feel up to it. I had perhaps been a bit cavalier with my food intake during the week and was now paying the price. I went into starvation mode on Saturday morning and gave the system a chance to relax.

the ’40’ sessions

In my infinite (and oft misguided) wisdom, I decided that some light exercise would not go astray. Perhaps working up a sweat would get some badness out of me? On Saturday afternoon I decided to hop on the treadmill for a short run. I came up with a plan to run 40-minute sessions for a week. I figured I would not to tire myself too much by doing this. The first run was 40 mins of short 80s on/off intervals with warm-up and cool down. It felt ok. On Saturday night I was feeling fine so I hopped on again for another 40 mins of sedate hill work.

On Sunday, I felt energised for the first time in weeks. I decided another double day was on the cards. Nice and easy start of 40 mins treadmill jogging with varied inclines after waking up. I relaxed for the day and then 40 mins of shorter 1-min on/off intervals with warm-up and cool down later in the evening. Figured if I could start reducing my recoveries in a sensible way, I could start to suffer in a controlled manner. There’s some sense there, right?

I plan to keep this up for the week. Rest will be managed appropriately so as not to overcook anything, least of all myself and my continuing recovery process. Hopefully, by the end of the week, there may be longer sessions and then the road back to where I dropped off the radar over a month ago. My word for the week was ‘detraining’, courtesy of my new acerbic-humoured Forerunner 245. This led me to an article that perhaps grimly but at least honestly depicted the impact of detraining and what one should expect on the way back in. Little by little, we’ll get there.

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