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weekly summary: July 15 – July 21

a couple of #FailedRunner activities but overall a 35-mile week on my feet felt so good
a couple of #FailedRunner activities but overall a 35-mile week on my feet felt so good

Running has returned! Not much but it means so much. How I missed you hard-earned miles. I put an idea into motion last weekend. The aim, to try and grind off some edges during the week by running easy miles on the treadmill. It seems to have worked somewhat. If nothing else, it provided me with a manageable way of getting back on the horse again and not going too crazy, too soon.

I managed one run on the road at the end of the week too. It’s not much, only an easy-pace 10-miler but I’m treasuring it. However, it was my first double-digit run since the Viking Marathon. While I felt a little tired after completing it, it was expected. The run itself went well though and at no point did I feel under too much stress. The week ahead will build on the shorter sessions completed this week in an attempt to work on the aerobic threshold over the next few weeks before the Clonmel Half Marathon in August. I’m not expecting to be back in shape by that race but I want to use it as a marker before the training for the Dublin Marathon really ramps up.

No gym work this week. I would have liked to squeeze in a session with the weights but time was short and it was far more important to get miles in the legs again. That will be rectified soon and hopefully I’ll hit the gym midweek. It’s amazing what a week of easy running can do for the mind – feeling optimistic again!

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