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weekly summary: July 22 – July 28

things are starting to look normal again on the calendar
things are starting to look normal again on the calendar

Things are starting to resemble normality again – thankfully. A 47-mile week complete, a more importantly, a couple of key runs without using the treadmill. The ‘fitness test’ during the week was a really good indication of where things are and thankfully it gave a little confidence too.

The 16-miler at the weekend with 10 sub-pace miles was truly testing in every sense of the word. While a false result that I achieved the goal because my heart rate was frankly ridiculous, it was comforting to know that I was still capable of 10 miles at this pace. I can now build on this and hopefully get my cardio levels back to where they should be, as quickly as possible.

No gym work again this week and that was part remiss, part necessity. I didn’t have the energy nor the time to squeeze in a weight session. However, that really does need to change and there will have been significant atrophy over the last 7/8 weeks that I need to address. I’m considering dropping the heavy weight by perhaps 20/25kg on the back squat and focussing on technique and control with maybe 2 extra reps to compensate for the overall reduction in load.

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