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weekly summary: July 29 – August 04

a 50+ week with a couple of good sessions
a 50+ week with a couple of good sessions

Breaking through 50 miles for the week again was a good feeling this week. The weekend saw two really good runs focussing on effort and consistency, albeit at different ends of the pace chart.

A repeat of last week’s 16-miler left me feeling worse than last week. However, a focussed recovery run with a pace goal on Sunday really capped off the week with a good result.

Gym is yet again the missing component and I’m starting to worry about this now. Getting back on my feet has been a very busy period. A few other things are impacting my ability to reach the gym for a session or two also. I’ve lost enough gym time to notice the impact of it. As the road to the Dublin Marathon starts this week, I really need to get under the bar again.

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