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weekly summary: 09 Sept – 15 Sept

that was a monster week of training!
that was a monster week of training!

So completes my highest training load ever for a single week. I broke through the 70-mile ceiling in a week that saw 2 double-day training sessions and also a target pace race (albeit not chasing a PB). Very tired legs prior to the race from a 56-mile effort put in beforehand but it all just about held together. A major confidence boost knowing know what I can achieve on fatigued legs and will bring this through to the Dublin Marathon with me.

No surprises that there was no gym session this week. The mileage was just too high to consider it and let’s be honest – I’m the very amateur of amateur athletes – there’s just not enough time to train beyond this level. Will likely take in a weight session this coming week and some lighter mileage before a long run experiment evolution at the weekend. No major changes in experiments anymore, the time for focus has begun. Dublin is only 6 weeks away.

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