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weekly summary: 07 Oct – 13 Oct

taper week one – mindful of recovery and a quality long run
taper week one – mindful of recovery and a quality long run

Just under 50 miles for the week and happy with how everything went. No speed during the week other than a few mile alternates on Thursday to keep the legs ticking over. Saturday’s run was perfect; went exactly as planned and seals the training plan for Dublin with a big confidence boost.

Decided against a gym session this week despite having the time. I’ll get in over the coming days and do some light work. Physio queued up for the coming days too so flush out the badness of the last two long runs. After that it should be all systems go and get it done.

In a good place following this training block. Probably a 45-mile week to come and then nothing but light cardio in the days leading up to the Dublin Marathon. While I’m not tapering as hard as previous times, I’m still mindful that I need to be somewhat fresh to get the job done in a calm way.

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