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weekly summary: 04 Nov – 10 Nov

an unexpected 50-mile week with a weight session squeezed in too
an unexpected 50-mile week with a weight session squeezed in too

A bit of an interesting week this time around, battling with antibiotics, loss of voice, and a nasty chest infection. It hasn’t been a great year for health issues! Mixed weather and time constraints led to 4 out of 5 runs taking place on the treadmill (total of 34 miles indoors). That’s ok though and probably not a bad thing either. Stable miles, keeping out of the weather while trying to shake the chest infection, and having the easier reliable surface of the treadmill rather than the road from a recovery point of view too.

Luckily by Friday I wasn’t feeling too bad and decided to hit the gym. Mixing things up a little I swapped out the usual leg work sets of raised leg split squats and added an extra set of back squats and RDLs. The guy in the rack next to me, completely putting my squat depth to shame but hey, I’m just a runner, I’m engaging what I need from it all.

BS = Back Squat; RDL = Romanian Dead-lift

Warm-up: BS 5x70kg, 5x90kg, 3x105kg
BS: 4x(5-rep) @ 105kg
RDL: 4x(5-rep) @70kg

Very happy with the control and extra focus on better depth with this gym session. 105kg is probably more than enough for maintenance. Finished off the session with some quad reps on the seated leg extension machine and paid the price for the extra focus during Saturday’s long run with just a wee bit of DOMS saying hello. All good though. Do need to see the physio at some stage for a bit of maintenance though.

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