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weekly summary: 02 Dec – 08 Dec

shy of 50 miles but it was race week
shy of 50 miles but it was race week

It was never going to be a 50-mile week and some will say that it should have been less than 47 too. Perhaps they’re right – I don’t know. I don’t think it affected my race on Saturday. Overall, I’m pretty happy with it. Of course, taking the big PB in the Waterford AC Half-marathon was always going to put a cherry on top this week.

No gym work this time around. I wanted the legs to be fresh albeit with miles and some sharpening work on them – just no weight sessions that might have strained things.

The 80-minute “not a recovery” run on Sunday is the sole oddity (at least in my mind). I woke up on Sunday feeling quite fresh after the race and knew that a self-enforced off-season was coming. My sense of self-preservation instructing me that downtime is needed before it is required! I decided to give it one last lash before the slower miles start. I bashed out a 10-miler with most of the splits far faster than recovery pace.

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