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weekly summary: 16 Dec – 22 Dec

a weird week with a little anxiety thrown in that really hindered mileage
a weird week with a little anxiety thrown in that really hindered mileage

This was a weird week. On Monday evening, mild pains started in my left abdomen. Immediately my thoughts turned to ‘my diverticulitis is back!’ I went to the doctor Tuesday morning, hoping to catch it early if so and avoid a Christmas in hospital. Initial clinical checks suggested that it wasn’t the case though. The pain was just mild pangs, maybe 6-10 times per day but a constant feeling in the area of mild discomfort. By Friday it was no better so I saw the doctor again but still the problem was not presenting as a real cause for concern. Perhaps a mild bout of IBS or something viral?

Whatever it is, it hasn’t gone away yet but it took my thoughts from running for the week. This is the lowest mileage week I’ve posted since the week of recovery after the Dublin Marathon. Needless to say, no weight sessions either while I spent most of the week freaking out somewhat about whatever was going on. No progression in symptoms either; I’m just hoping it will pass soon. Trying to keep my anxiety about it under control is a bigger challenge. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been doing too well anxiety-wise since my last hospital stay in June. With respect to life, my health is the one thing I felt in control of. Then I became the 1% that fits no marker but ends up with a problem. It could be far worse though – I’m only a tourist in terms of real problems.

By the end of the week, with fresh legs and a head wrecked with worry, I needed to blow it all out. Hence the crazy 17-miler on the treadmill Sunday evening. Madness! Here’s looking forward to a couple of easy week now and starting the new year slowly before the ramp begins for the Tralee Marathon.

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