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weekly summary: 03 Feb – 09 Feb

gulp! these weeks happen – at least there's a silver lining
gulp! these weeks happen – at least there’s a silver lining

Not too much to say as not much happened due to sickness this week. The silver lining was a near perfect 20-mile training run on Saturday that gives me great confidence to move on with the plan. It also gives me a couple of small questions to ask and look into.

No gym work this week – no surprise! There was hardly any miles either. Two sessions completed on the treadmill. I had to force myself to get onto it today to complete the 10km recovery run following yesterday’s 20-miler. It took it out of me, I won’t lie.

Looking forward to healthier training weeks ahead. I’m sure I’ve said that before, all too recently but this time I really mean it!

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