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weekly summary: 10 Feb – 16 Feb

not the week I planned but it is the week I'll take
not the week I planned but it is the week I’ll take

Back in January, I planned this week as a 65+ miler. I commented in my long run review yesterday that I’ve been feeling recoveries a little difficult lately. I’m unsure of why. There have been a few health issues since the start of the year. All minor, just the usual winter bugs and such. Perhaps that’s taking a bit of a toll on me? I’m still somewhat recovering from the chest and sinus infection I had just over a week ago. A course of antibiotics is factored into that also. Maybe I’m expecting a bit too much under the circumstances?

While a 65-mile week perhaps gives you a little something to shout about it is still built around the important sessions for the week. For me, this included one 10+ mile, one steady-ish not comfortable run, and of course the long run. I completed all 3 runs and completed them satisfactorily. However, I can easily look at the calendar and see the deficit. I note that one of my 8s should have been a 12. There should have been a 10k plus 10 miles instead of 7 today. That’s the difference. Not earth shattering and nothing of specific measure in terms of pace, only good mileage.

Now licking my wounds and trying to figure out where I go to with the plan. What changes to make to my planned weekly mileage? I dumped out on the gym again this week. Noting that gives me a perfect focus for the changes to make. Maybe start including a weight session every week? Currently I aim for weights every 10-days on high mileage cycles. However, if I make this weekly and drop the mileage by 10 miles per week? I see a whiteboard session in my near future!

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