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weekly summary: 17 Feb – 23 Feb

60+ miles, checks, balances, and a weight session thrown in too
60+ miles, checks, balances, and a weight session thrown in too

When I said recently that I was revising my weekly mileage targets, I must have been distracted by the thoughts surrounding it this week! Seven days on the trot, one steady run with strides, a 10km checkpoint, a weight session in the gym, and a solid 18-miler thrown into the mix. That’s not exactly how one scales back.

Surprisingly, I don’t feel any the worse for it this week but that in itself carries a warning. Just because I feel ok now, doesn’t mean that I should ignore my better judgment from the last couple of weeks. I need to progress with my reduced mileage while keeping a focus on quality and recovery. Otherwise I’ll be back here again, moaning about the tiredness and lack of freshness between runs.

BS = Back Squat; RDL = Romanian Dead-lift; SS = Split Squats

Warm-up: BS 5x70kg, 5x90kg, 3x95kg
BS: 2x(5-rep) @ 95kg, 1x(5-rep) @ 100kg
RDL: 3x(5-rep) @70kg

dropped the split squats, mindful of 18 miles being covered the day after the weight session #TrainSmart

I used to contextualise my lifts with my one-rep max back squat but stopped doing so. My one-rep max is about a year old now, following the progression of the guinea pig trial and I was lifting very well. Topping out back then at 157.5kg – I wouldn’t get anywhere near it these days. I had to drop back the weight though, it wasn’t necessary for my goals to keep up to the level of what I was doing.

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