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weekly summary: 24 Feb – 01 Mar

another solid week with weights and a bit of fun for the long run too
another solid week with weights and a bit of fun for the long run too

I seem to have hit a bit of a stride again – thankfully. Giving myself a chance to bounce back fully from winter illnesses and also taking the decision to back off on the weekly mileage has all helped. Just crested 55 miles for the week with a full marathon distance thrown in for my long run this weekend. Lots of positives taken and things tested, such as hydration and fuel. Not to mention working hard on tired legs.

Just like last year this week followed minimal taper having completed a hard 18-miler last week and not sparing the sessions during the week either. The signs are good and my legs appear to be firing on the right number of cylinders. Just have to keep it there now and hopefully Tralee will go according to plan.

Got to the gym again this week as per my new ambition to swap greater miles for more frequent weights. Sticking to the same weight bracket as recent sessions and not overdoing it. It’s all about maintenance now and keeping that strength in place.

BS = Back Squat; RDL = Romanian Dead-lift; SS = Split Squats

Warm-up: BS 5x70kg, 5x90kg, 3x95kg
BS: 2x(5-rep) @ 95kg, 1x(5-rep) @ 100kg
RDL: 3x(5-rep) @70kg

Again no split squats this week but I may bring back a set for the coming week, just at a light load compared to previous sessions. They do help with stability and I don’t want to neglect that.

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