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weekly summary: 02 Mar – 08 Mar

solid week if a little badly structured – a lesson learned is a valuable thing
solid week if a little badly structured – a lesson learned is a valuable thing

Just shy of 53 miles for the week. I’m happy with that as per the new routine and mileage cap. The long run on Saturday was tough going as outlined in my blog post about it but I gained knowledge and hopefully some cop on too from knowing why it was difficult.

Bigger issues outside training at the moment with a global health crisis (Covid-19/Coronavirus) that is playing on my mind a lot. We can but be as sensible as possible, play our part in hygiene and hope that this is contained swiftly. It’s a scary time.

Got to the gym again this week keeping the weekly weight sessions in check. Same weight bracket again but a little twinge from the left knee this week changed my mind about split squats and increasing the load on the last set of back squats. It’s all about maintenance and being sensible. Saying that, I really shouldn’t have lifted in my running shoes (Zoom Fly Flyknit). Far too soft and springy for any stability. That may have partly contributed to whatever the knee was experiencing.

BS = Back Squat; RDL = Romanian Dead-lift; SS = Split Squats

Warm-up: BS 5x70kg, 5x90kg, 3x95kg
BS: 3x(5-rep) @ 95kg
RDL: 3x(5-rep) @70kg

Again no split squats this week as alluded to above. Nothing much wrong with the knee but better to be safe.

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