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weekly summary: 16 Mar – 22 Mar

slightly more motivated this week but by jingo that's a lot of treadmill miles... even for me
slightly more motivated this week but by jingo that’s a lot of treadmill miles… even for me

Getting to grips with new realities this week. Last week was a write-off. My goals gone due to the Coronavirus pandemic, I let my head drop. Not forgetting the bigger picture of course. There are far bigger things going on than my meaningless desire to run some fast miles somewhere. Perspective is important.

I rebounded a little this week while wrapping my head around it all. However, just because goals are gone, doesn’t mean that I’m suddenly no longer a runner. Nor does it mean that I don’t enjoy running any more.

Knowing that I would not allow myself to run outdoors because of this crisis made the challenge interesting. I want to limit my exposure to situations whereby I find it difficult not to continually rub my face (like sweating hard on a long run) in an environment that I can’t control. Thus all training from here until things get under control will be treadmill-based. I count myself very lucky to be able to do that. Had I not invested in my treadmill a couple of years ago, I think my running efforts would truly be on hiatus right now.

A few, interesting runs completed this week including a new record for me on the mill of 18 miles. That’s the new limit though. Non-commercial treadmills are not made for those distances. I need to preserve this one for as long as possible with the future being unknown right now. Keeping it going, keeping myself going, keeping life as close to normal as possible. We don’t know how lucky we are in some ways – we could be fighting a war instead of exercising in the home. That’s important to acknowledge. We will overcome this terrible time in our world’s history.

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