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weekly summary: 31 Mar – 05 Apr

not a good week, head wasn't in it at all, just 3 midrange runs
not a good week, head wasn’t in it at all, just 3 midrange runs

Not a good week this one. I’ll confess that my head just wasn’t together. I thought I was in reasonable form and keeping a clear mind. However, outside of work, when it came to running, I was just lacking the motivation. Not too much lost realistically apart from a nice continuum of miles. Just over 30 for the week and all runs longer than 9 miles.

It’s not what I should be doing though and I need to get a grip. Start focussing on some goal no matter what it is. Just have to make a plan and go for it. That’s what we do as runners. Doesn’t matter if it’s in the arse-end of nowhere for a 5k start line or the glitz and glamour of a big marathon – we show up.

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