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weekly summary: 06 Apr – 12 Apr

that's more like it, a nicely structured week that I'd be happy with on the road!
that’s more like it, a nicely structured week that I’d be happy with on the road!

Not a bad week. Not bad at all. Bearing in mind that this is training for the sake of training, cresting 45 miles is a nice achievement on the treadmill. The numbers may look a little strange in the calendar above. Yes, I intentionally switched last week from running miles, to running arbitrary times instead. I’m linking each with some pop culture reference, e.g. Joe-90, AC/DC Jailbreak ’74, 99 red balloons, etc. Just trying to have a bit of fun and include the relevant image on the Garmin/Strava page for the run. Maybe cause a few head scratches as a result! 😄

I managed a little bit of structured running this week also. Within the game of random numbers there are some well-planned miles and injections of pace. For the sake of my consume-grade treadmill I may have to revisit the mileage covered per week. They really aren’t built for such things and I don’t know how long I’m going to need an indoor training solution. For now though, the mind is content and running is good.

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