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a race: going the social distance

#BVSC virtual 5k start – original image ©

I said the other day that I badly needed some sort of focus and/or distraction. Something that would curb the current situation we face. There are no real races out there right now. While virtual races with anonymous communities are something to click on, it’s just not the same as comparing notes with your buddies. The social distance between us prevents the social distance usually covered by us.

Then, on Monday morning, like the first sighting of land after a month at sea, the group WhatsApp buzzes. It says, “#BVSC 5k virtual” – I’m in – not a second thought required. That’s the beauty of being part of an informal collection of ‘runholes’. Even when there’s little to train for, there’s plenty of banter. Something to lift the spirits. Then, every now and then, somebody will drop a suggestion into the mix that everyone seizes.

the race

Despite being a bunch of try anything runners, we are also kinda responsible. So, this virtual race will happen in isolation. We will all be adhering to social distancing rules. The 2km radius allowed by the government for activity, including exercise, will be observed. The distance will be short (a little 5km). That way we’re not out for too long nor travelling too far to risk encountering more people than we’d like. For me, I’m getting off the damn treadmill for a few minutes to go do something outdoors.

Each of us will pick our own route and sync the times afterwards. We’ll all aim to run at the same start time and just for the craic, see who posts the fastest time. Naturally, we will scrutinise the hell out of their route afterwards. Cue complaints that they had it easy compared to the rest of us! 😆

the distance: 5km, the route: who knows!
the distance: 5km, the route: who knows!

This will be a bit of fun to look forward to. As much for the aftermath and the banter to follow it as it will be for the mind to prepare for it. Finally, a sign of something that we used to take so much for granted, starting to appear again.

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