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weekly summary: 27 Apr – 03 May

light mileage but an event at high speed during the week
light mileage but an event at high speed during the week

Not much to report this week in terms of mileage. The 5k event happened on Wednesday and ultimately the biggest news is that this challenge brought me back onto the roads. I have not run on the treadmill all week. It’s like we’re not speaking!

The downside of this is that I am painfully aware of how much strength I have no lost as a result of my self-confinement to the treadmill. Every bend, every undulation, every step onto hard ground; all taking their toll massively. Since the 5k on Wednesday I’ve been in a bit of pain. Muscle groups that haven’t fired in a long time being punished for their holiday. General abuse of the body by hurling myself straight into a zippy 5k challenge also didn’t help.

I still managed to get 10 miles in at the weekend at sub-pace average. It is comforting to know that I can still manage that on the road at least. Running on a treadmill is easy as long as you’re not running very fast or looking at tempo level performance. Running on the road after a long break is not. I also wore my HR monitor correctly for the runs to check where things had gone too. Let’s just say that there is work to be done. Lots of rolling and TLC for the legs for a while until I get back on top of things again but it’s good to outdoors in the fresh air again – even if it’s still alone.

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