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weekly summary: 04 May – 10 May

finally back in the 40s for a reasonable week of running
finally back in the 40s for a reasonable week of running

Damn it feels good to crest 40 miles again. Last time I topped that milestone was four weeks ago. Be with the days that 40 was an off-week and 50+ was the norm. Those days will return; I’m sure they will. For now though, as I’ve said previously, I don’t need that kind of mileage as there is no destination for the foreseeable future. Racing will begin again some day but not for a long time to come. Now it is important to maintain fitness, avoid injuries, and try to keep the head straight.

The #BVSC virtual one-mile time trial is coming up this week. Previously, I would never run that distance coming into a challenge such as this. However, as I mentioned in my post looking forward to the challenge, we are where we are and not much is going to change the outcome of this time trial, save the route itself.

One interesting thing about this week is that my longest run is 9 miles. This I ran today on the last day of the week as a simple, slow run to stretch out the legs. The rest of the week saw some long distance speed, coupled with well-behaved efforts over shortish distances. Normally a 40+ would include at least a half-distance. While I’m not going to achieve much in a targeted way for this upcoming time trial, it would be remiss to not take it seriously also. No running to exhaustion, no risks with long hard runs. I’ll run a few standing quarters perhaps tomorrow and then a day off on Tuesday before the time trial on Wednesday. It will be fun!

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