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weekly summary: 11 May – 17 May

a fun week, the second 40+ in a row of recent times – a turning point perhaps?
a fun week, the second 40+ in a row of recent times – a turning point perhaps?

So concludes the second 40+ mile week in a row for the first in a very long time. This week included a little fun with the mile time trial on Wednesday. That was both exhausting and energy giving. While a false time due to the downhill nature of the route, I believe it still would have been a sub-6-minute mile on the flat. Between the almost sub-20 5km a couple of weeks back and this time trial, there is a lot to be positive about. While many aspects of my training have suffered greatly due to Lockdown and the issues surrounding Coronavirus, things aren’t too bad.

A little weigh-in on Saturday also indicated that I haven’t let myself go too much in these unprecedented times. Pretty much maintaining my weight to the pound since before this crisis blew up. That’s of comfort too. I had imagined exiting Lockdown with many pounds to shed from sedentary eating and no long miles.

The strength in my knees and ankles is returning also. The midweek miles on the road didn’t seem so bad this week. No more lateral movement issues to worry about and overall it just seems a bit more connected. Still, I have lost so much strength from the cessation of the gym sessions – I miss my weights! All in good time. For now, there is a foundation poured again and I can build on this going forward. Next stop, getting back to a 50+ mile week by the end of June.

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