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weekly summary: 18 May – 24 May

highest mileage in 7 weeks albeit marginally so – going in the right direction again
highest mileage in 7 weeks albeit marginally so – going in the right direction again

This week was about finding my feet again, in more ways than one. My ankles and knees are stronger but there is still much work ahead. To get back anywhere close to where I was back in February of this year will take a long time. No gym sessions, no additional strength training and it’s showing.

I set myself a number of targets this week, one of which was to push my mileage further than I have in recent times. It didn’t have to be a 50+ mile week, just as long as it was more than I have achieved recently. The other thing high on the agenda was to get two medium distance runs (7-10 miles) in at around 7:30/mile pace. Thankfully the week was kind to me and I managed to meet those targets.

The 10-mile run at 7:30 target pace took a lot out of me though. Like the virtual 5km and mile races recently, pushing myself that little bit harder is taking a huge toll on me. I’m not too sure why at the moment. There are a lot of things going on with me including odd allergic reactions (4 in 3 weeks!) and other stuff. I’m sure I’ll get to the bottom of it. However, I would not expect to be wiped out for a night after a mile time trial.

The odd thing is that with the 5km and mile TT I knew I was pushing hard during the race. Naturally; what else would I be doing! However, the heart rate data afterwards indicates that it wasn’t an excessive period in the red. Likewise, for the 10-miler this weekend, there was no Zone 5 activity at all (the silver lining I suppose). Alas, I was again destroyed after the run that night. I swear I slept about 10 hours and that is not me. Perhaps this is just Lockdown and a combination of many things taking their individual toll on me? I don’t know. I’ll keep running til I find out – fight fire with fire! 💪

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