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weekly summary: 25 May – 31 May

a bittersweet week of mixed emotions and a drop in mileage
a bittersweet week of mixed emotions and a drop in mileage

This week started out well, with a couple of back to back steady runs. Then abdominal concerns started to hit back again and my mind turned. I have a recurring pain (mild) in my left side for some time now. It’s not presenting clinically as anything to be worried about right now. However, I can’t but feel something is going on. Perhaps I’m a bit hypersensitive? Maybe my repeat visit to hospital last year with diverticulitis but it has been playing on me? I’ve been to the doctor and kept an eye on things. Currently awaiting bloods to come back this week for CRPs. There is also a scope to check things out once the hospital is back operating as normal.

On top of all that, my allergy situation was still going at the start of the week. The offending issue still at large. Taking my prescription antihistamines now on a daily basis, following a chat with my doctor. As a matter of preventative behaviour rather than reactive treatment.

By the end of the week, I knocked out my long slow run in the correct manner but then just didn’t want to run at all. I still dragged myself out on Sunday for 10km but it was horrible. I hated every minute of it and that’s not something I think I’ve ever said before. Too much going on in my mind at the moment I think. The body felt like it was suffering but it wasn’t. The head rules the roost.

All in all, I finish out May with 177 miles in the bag. Not a disastrous month of training for nothing to be fair. However, I wish I felt my normal self again. A busman’s holiday has been suggested to me: go for a run if I want but if I do, leave the watch at home and just run how I feel. It might be just the thing to do.

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