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weekly summary: 14 June – 21 June

few days but the experiments are back – well, kind of
few days but the experiments are back – well, kind of

An easy week in terms of days on the feet – only 3 runs in total. However, the distance travelled per run has edged upwards. Working on my desire to get back into higher mileage again without saturating my week with thoughts of “I must get out 5 days”.

I kept the pace slightly up-tempo this week. Nothing too lazy and on top of the steady run at the start of the week, I squeezed in a little progression run midweek. Four miles of not taking it easy on myself over a mixture of uphill and downhill sections whereby the downhill stretch had to be run harder to deliver on the gradient adjusted pace.

The highlight of the week (small joys at this stage) is the 14-mile ‘experiment’ on Saturday. I’ve been running harder than normal in recent times so I brought this thinking into my longest road run in nearly 4 months. A total of 8 miles run sub marathon pace and 4 of that 8 run much harder than marathon pace. It worked out reasonably well but I wasn’t happy with the heart rate data. Far too much Zone 4 effort for my liking. However, it’s something to build upon and a step in the right direction.

While still hovering around the low to mid-30s in terms of weekly mileage at the moment, I’m putting some key building blocks into place. A faster base upon which to build longer miles (“raising the foundation” as I call it). Hopefully I can keep building it.

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