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weekly summary: 22 June – 28 June

that was a fun week – I may even have raced a little, with people!
that was a fun week – I may even have raced a little, with people!

Continuing my recent regime of steady miles, the week got off to a good start. Temperatures were so high on Wednesday that I scaled back my effort in favour of a relaxed 10km. The rest of the week I spent deliberating whether or not I was willing to rejoin society again and run with a small group. I made the right choice and ran a rather delightful “speed check” half-marathon with the gang, socially distanced of course. It was the greatest feeling in such a long time.

Weekly mileage is slightly up on recent weeks also. I could easily have topped 40 miles this week had I been so inclined. However, it wasn’t necessary and I’m sticking to what feels right and comes without too much of a push for now.

A lovely slow 8 miles to loosen out the legs on Sunday was the icing on a very nice (running) cake for the week. Taking part in a race-like situation (albeit not racing flat out), with other people, for the first time in nearly 4 months. There are no words. It’s good for the mind, the body, and the soul.

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