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weekly summary: 06 July – 12 July

that's what a week off looks like – even when focussed on nothing I couldn't resist just a few miles
that’s what a week off looks like – even when focussed on nothing I couldn’t resist just a few miles

I did say that a week off was coming after last week’s hospital procedure. Much needed time to take my mind off everything and recuperate for a while. There’s no shame in posting a zero-mile week if that’s your intention. It was mine but Sunday arrived. Despite my plans to do nothing all week, I couldn’t resist a few slow miles with some of the guys.

In some ways, a nice slow run can be as therapeutic as trying to relax by doing nothing – sometimes more so. I’m in a strange mood again. Having enjoyed the miles on Sunday I don’t know if I really want to get stuck into proper structured training runs again. Over the last few weeks I have been more focussed on particular aspects like distance and consistency. It has been enjoyable in part and reminds me of how much work is required to get back to where I was at the start of the year. However, what difference it makes if I do or don’t is none at all. That’s probably part of the reason I can’t make up my mind about it all.

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