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weekly summary: 13 July – 19 July

a week cut short by disaster
a week cut short by disaster

What started out as a typical week in recent times ended in disaster on Sunday. Three runs chalked up with a decent, very hilly, long run on Saturday and then a simple walk with the family on Sunday saw me miss my step on a flower bed edging.

I dropped about 5 inches into a flowerbed with my entire weight coming down on my right foot that rolled at the ankle. A trip to the doc and A&E the following day revealed an avulsion fracture on the x-ray. The best of a bad news situation as no bones were broken through, only a flake of a bone detached, but it means no running for probably four weeks. The pain was serious enough that I knew something was wrong when it happened. Those thoughts of dread came pouring in.

So, forced rest for the foreseeable future. Not what I wanted for sure. Is it what I needed? Probably not with everything else I have had go wrong in the past 12 months! However, trying to keep a level head and see this for the ‘break’ that it is – a chance to recharge the batteries perhaps and run again with renewed enthusiasm.

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