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weekly summary: 03 August – 09 August

oh look! an activity!
oh look! an activity!

No need to get excited, it’s still a zero-mile week. I hopped on the bicycle for a short spin with the family. Lots of stops for the little one to see what she ‘needed’ to see. Some things are more important than constant cycling in her eyes! 😄

Why post zero-mile weeks? I hide nothing. That’s it, plain and simple. This is the bottom of the barrel right now for progress/status updates. However, at some point in time that will change. For now, it is what I am going through. It is as important to record and acknowledge that as it is to track the good weeks.

I feel like the injury has come a long way with the exercises and light walking I have been doing. So, this coming week, I think it’s time to get back onto the “failed runner machine”. Go do some cycling to get the heart rate up again. A few strenuous miles in the saddle might help a little. Anything that gets the CV status heading back in the right direction again. Fingers crossed anyhow.

Next week’s summary may be full of cycling entries! 😱

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