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weekly summary: 10 August – 16 August

close to a 40-mile week after two days – it isn't running though!
close to a 40-mile week after two days – it isn’t running though!

As I suspected last week, I found myself taking off on the bicycle for a bit of exercise this week. It’s certainly a very different experience. Legs like jelly while other parts feel disturbingly fresh, almost like you’ve done nothing, followed by the tiredness that hits you about an hour after the spin because you have been pushing it and your body has just caught up. Then there’s the thirst! Nicknamed ‘the camel’ as I used to say there’s no need for water until you run further than 18 miles, I typically never bring more than 250ml with me up to 20 miles. However, an hour on the bike and I find myself gulping down 500ml. The increased, forced airflow into my mouth, drying out my innards. There’s a lot to adapt to!

While I don’t think I’ll ever make it as a cyclist, it did help to test out the foot. The persistent pressure of being locked into the pedal and pushing hard threw up little in the way of concern. All good news. Of course a few miles in the saddle did something for the heart and lungs too, albeit that will not start to repair itself until proper road mileage is resumed.

For the week ahead I have one goal. Get out at least once and cover a few miles on foot. No pace targets, no distance targets, just get out and run – do some checks. Hopefully at the end of it I’ll be thinking about a return to training plan and not nursing a niggle that surprised me. For now I’m remaining hopeful and I don’t anticipate anything too serious. Then again this is 2020 and who knows what might happen!

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