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weekly summary: 26 October – 01 November

crikey! I appear to have moved this week.
crikey! I appear to have moved this week.

So, this week I made it out of the house once for 5km, trying to run far faster than I should have for the first 2 miles thereof. It’s great that the stupid enthusiasm is there at least. I suffered for it later, be assured of that.

The rest of the week I spent licking wounds. Hopped onto the treadmill twice to just run for 20 mins at a prescribed and steady pace. Weekly total is less than I normally do in a single run but perspective.

I need to rebuild everything – physically and mentally – from the ground up again. It’s going to be a really long road but I want to be back there. The gang ran the Virtual Dublin Marathon last weekend and it got to me far more than I thought it would. Not just because I wasn’t there doing it too but more because I couldn’t even try with the state that I’m currently in. At the turn of the year, I’d have run a marathon at the mere suggestion. Mentally now, I’d struggle to motivate myself for 10km and certainly wouldn’t complete it without a physical toll.

I did it before and I’ll do it again. Onwards.

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