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weekly summary: 02 November – 08 November

let this be the beginning of a mental rebuild – one mile at a time
let this be the beginning of a mental rebuild – one mile at a time

Last week, I got out of the house and went for one run, spending the rest of the week licking wounds and being very unhappy with myself. Over the weekend I gave myself a good talking to and decided it was time to put a plan in place. With the state my head is in after the last 6 months, seeing my fitness and goals all drift away, I’m not going to achieve anything physically until I can better myself mentally.

Thus, the plan: to run a minimum of three times per week from now on. The pace doesn’t matter. The distance doesn’t matter. The key thing will be to run for at least 20 minutes at a time. Already I can lean towards thinking how useless this is for a distance athlete but there is now part of me that knows this is necessary as I just don’t have the mindset right now to commit to nor enjoy any more.

Fingers crossed but I’m not going to turn my back on it even if there are bumps ahead; I’m sure there will be.

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