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weekly summary: 21 December – 27 December

just the tradition and nothing more!
just the tradition and nothing more!

Well, it was Christmas week! The strains of the last couple of weeks caused a subtle ebb and flow of my recent regime. Thus, it was both predicted and inevitable that this would be a short week. Only one session run and it was my traditional 6 hill reps on a local incline. Despite being under a bit of pressure, there are some traditions that simply must be upheld.

Not sure why I ever started this. One year it entered my head that I would wear myself out with hill sprints on Christmas Eve. So the custom began. It has been going for quite a while too. I always did say that if training suffers a lull, a good hill session is in-part a reasonable attempt to make up for time lost.

The next weekly summary will hopefully not be apologetic. Rather it will review the next step on the road to normal service being resumed. I live in hope.

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