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weekly summary: 28 December – 03 January

two treadmill, two outdoor, one status check – this is looking hopeful
two treadmill, two outdoor, one status check – this is looking hopeful

Dare I say that this snap of my weekly activities is looking a bit more hopeful. Certainly more hopeful than anything else in recent times. To start with, I ran my longest run in over 3 months. It was just a 10km outing but it was a ‘status check’ to see where I am right now. I pushed it; a lot. Completely shot afterwards but I did it – it’s something to build on.

Two good outdoor runs too in the fresh air. Once again getting used to all the micro-movements in the feet that a treadmill protects you from. As much as I embrace my trusty treadmill and find comfort in the always available running opportunity it presents, you can’t beat outdoor running. Pace is the immediate difference: 8min/mile on a treadmill feels so much faster than on the road! The new year has started in a good way. Here’s to continuing the positive trend, back to where I want to be.

While the 10km ‘status check’ is a long way off what should be comfortable for me, it was heartening that I ran at least half the distance at the target split time (or below). I often say,

“if you want to succeed you must first fail,
less you never know how much you can succeed”

As such I am more than happy to have ‘failed’ the challenge of running this 10km at sub-marathon pace. I know that I will get there again and that I have to work for it. The reward upon reaching the target will be all the sweeter for knowing that it wasn’t an easy return and I proved myself first. Onwards!

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