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weekly summary: 04 January – 10 January

quite the unexpected week of mileage – almost normal!
quite the unexpected week of mileage – almost normal!

That was an unexpected week, I’ll be honest. I had hoped to steady the ship and repeat last week’s numbers. Just to get myself going again. However, that 8-mile run at the start of the week really set me up for better mileage. I planned the 8-miler but didn’t know how much it would take out of me, despite not pushing hard during it. It sounds kinda sad, thinking about an 8-mile run in that respect, but that’s where I am at the moment. My last run anywhere near that distance is almost four months ago. Eek!

Surprisingly, despite being understandably tired from the time on feet, I was eager to go again. Minimal interruption between runs and dare I say, even a little bit of fun. I finished the week with a little test. A progression run (just four miles) to get a sense of my feel for pace adjustments. It’s something that I completely suspected would long have left me. Surprisingly I was able to judge the 10s/mile drops that I aimed for. Fitness-wise however, well, let’s just say that I’m not there yet. It felt like I was trying to drop at least 20s/mile over the session.

Outdoor activity was hampered by a very cold spell this week. I retreated to the treadmill on two days for fear of slippy conditions outside. Not willing to try my luck after the last year!

Almost 30 miles for the week. It has been a very long time since I saw those kind of numbers. There was a time of course that weekly mileage never dropped below that but we are where we are. A big boost to the confidence but no illusions either regarding the work ahead of me. A step in the right direction though. Onwards!


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