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weekly summary: 11 January – 17 January

another 25+ and I had to make a call on Sunday to stop the ego breaching 30!
another 25+ and I had to make a call on Sunday to stop the ego breaching 30!

Last week saw a return to semi-respectable mileage. This week I was chomping at the bit to push things on further. It would have been so easy to topple the 30-mile barrier this week but for what purpose? On Sunday, I was fresh and happy with the week of running. I could easily have jogged a 5-mile or more to break through that marker. I had to tell myself not to. It just wasn’t a good idea.

The last 6 months were spent trying to sort out my head. Trying to get back into some normal mode of running again. Last week I managed 28 miles and it surprised me. There have been days in the past that I ran roughly that in a single day just for the fun of it! However, getting past 25 miles meant something to me. It means that building on weekly distance from here is a matter of simple process now. There is still lots of work to get back to where I was but a simple process nonetheless.

Why did I stop myself breaching the 30-mile barrier? It’s simple, there’s simply no reason to do so. What next if I did? 35 miles next week, 40 in 3 weeks time? I’m in lockdown mode. I have confined myself to the treadmill again because the COVID numbers are so worryingly high in the community. I’m not at ease running outdoors at the moment. It will change but not just yet. As such, pushing myself into a 40-mile week on the treadmill with no destination in sight is just meaningless.

It’s better for now that I maintain fitness. Perhaps play around with some additional strengthening work before proper road miles are an option once more. 10% distance increments are easy and restructuring my future weeks to include a 16-miler will make a difference. When a long run each weekend becomes the norm it will give me back a rest day. That will make the jump from 35 to 45 miles per week that bit easier.

For now, this is good. I’m happy because I had the good sense not to take an easy win last week. That wouldn’t have been a longterm benefit. From here I can chip away with small increments and not rush things. Onwards!

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