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weekly summary: 18 January – 24 January

breaking through the barrier of a 30-mile week for the first time since July
breaking through the barrier of a 30-mile week for the first time since July

Last week, I maintained that a 30-mile breach was entirely possible and also entirely unnecessary. I did not want to push my mileage too quickly. It wasn’t a) going to be sustainable and b) bear any fruit by way of a test. This week, I allowed myself to break that 30-mile barrier but only just.

A 30-mile week is no great achievement. However, this is the first time I have broken 30 miles since the start of July 2020. Then I broke my foot and everything else negative that followed. In some way, I think my head needed to see that weekly total despite consciously depriving myself of it last week. There was a slight buzz on Sunday, knowing I was running achieve this.

Hang on. You said it was all about the measured approach to increasing distance and now you make the jump with nothing has changed in terms of racing outlook. What gives? Not much really, it’s only a couple of miles more than I have managed in recent weeks. However, it was the psychological barrier that I abided by. A few weeks of regular running that has realistically taken from November until now to achieve could come crumbling down for two reasons. The first would be pushing too hard for a return to normal distance and having nowhere to go or simply torturing myself on the treadmill. The second, if I didn’t allow myself simple proofs of achievement.

Again, it’s only a couple of miles but had I not allowed myself to do it this week, part of me would have wondered why. I’ve decided to cap it now and change the format. It has been a long time since I ran double-digit miles in a single session. That’s next. With that will come training days that rapidly accumulate mileage and as a result will allow for more rest days while achieving the same weekly tallies.

I’m setting the limit to 35 for the foreseeable future. My head is in a good place. Baseline fitness is not terrible. I can sustain that ballpark but it is a limit and not a target. Until the world changes, I’m doing everything I can to still enjoy a very different training regime. It won’t be forever. Onwards!

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