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weekly summary: 25 January – 31 January

two 30-mile weeks in a row – it's starting to feel slightly familiar now
two 30-mile weeks in a row – it’s starting to feel slightly familiar now

So it was that one week in excess of 30 miles would be followed by another. Only barely and despite the rather accurate calculations, it wasn’t a must-reach target. Like I said last week, the newly-set, upper limit of 35 miles is something that I will keep under until I start back on the roads again. Any more than that on a treadmill is not going to do me any good.

There’s a strange familiarity to that 30-mile threshold now. It didn’t seem that hard to reach last week. Of course the midweek 10-miler helped with that. However, I’m reminded of recent memory before Christmas when I was trying to convince myself to run at all. Time really does move on and negative thoughts do go by the wayside; thankfully.

It’s still less than 4 hours running – that used to be a weekend! I keep saying things like that. Whether it’s poking fun at myself or disbelief I don’t know. However, I possibly should stop doing so. Good progress has been made and now that my weekly mileage is half-respectable again, I’m bringing back some of my old favourites such as strides during a run. This will help greatly with the overall fitness and strength. Hopefully it will serve me well and I’ll literally hit the ground running (well) when the time comes. Onwards!

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