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weekly summary: 01 February – 07 February

sometimes you can't catch a break!
sometimes you can’t catch a break!

What started as a great week with 2 1-hour sessions including strides, ended with a trip to the doctor’s. A reappearance of my gut issue was showing and running was put on hold – again.

A course of oral antibiotics and hopefully caught it in time. The last thing I need in a pandemic is a hospital stay. Especially when the health service is under extreme pressure trying to keep infections due to COVID from happening. Also, I really don’t want to go near anywhere that people are being treated for such. I’ve been out of circulation for nearly an entire year now, I don’t need things like this going wrong.

Just when everything was starting to look relatively normal once more. Maybe it’s a sign? Feeling sorry for myself again as I write this (bigger issues in the world, yadda, yadda). I really need some clear air soon or we really have hit the point of no return. I can’t keep going through this cycle with false starts and abrupt stops due to underlying health issues. Bought a new golf cart recently. Can’t even use that for now!

Hopefully, this latest bout was just due to the stress I have been under lately. Hopefully, I caught it early on so that nothing else comes of it. There could be much worse things wrong with me, yes. However, it doesn’t rule out the seriousness of the situation that if neglected could result in some pretty unwanted surgery. I wish there was a magic pill that I could take each day rather than knowing that there is little I can do. Us 1% end up with things that are beyond reason. Beyond our good diet and lifestyle and seemingly have zero control over our condition. Given how I’ve always lived my life, I can’t but think of that as being a little more than messed up.

Will have to take a break for a while now to give myself a chance to recover before even thinking about miles again. There was a time that I thrived on obstacles with the joy of overcoming them. I’m getting pretty fed up of them these days; the will to fight is fading. Onwards; slowly.

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