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weekly summary: 08 February – 14 February

another one of those unexpected yet unavoidable zeroes
another one of those unexpected yet unavoidable zeroes

So, after last week’s onset of mild diverticular issues and a week-long course of antibiotics, I said that I best take it easy for a while. Not that I was exactly stressing myself anyhow! However, you can’t plan for these things. Life gets in the way even when you’re trying to do everything right.

So, it’s a zero-mile week. There has been too many of those in the past 12 months. Each chips away at me just a little more, even if it is beyond me to do anything about it. The antibiotics did their job and I thankfully avoided the unthinkable scenario of requiring a hospital stay during a pandemic. The week didn’t end all rosy though as I somehow hurt my neck on Friday and it has been in real trouble all weekend. It never rains but pours!

There is it, not onwards, just stuck kinda nowhere. Warts and all; hide nothing.

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