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weekly summary: 15 February – 21 February

salvaged something at the end of a bad two weeks
salvaged something at the end of a bad two weeks

Neck trouble persisted for the early part of the week but eventually freed up enough to risk a couple of miles on the treadmill near the end. By the weekend it felt comfortable enough to go outdoors for the first time in 6 or more weeks. How quickly you forget that the roads go up and down! A simple, would-be easy-pace run but the heart rate! Dear god!

Anyhow, delighted to be doing something and we’ll see how the coming week goes. Fitness is disappearing quickly even with a short break these days. The reserves are not there. So, I have to be cognisant of that and just take it as it comes. The most important thing now is just getting out there. Hopefully, with a change in mood and better weather, there’ll be more outdoor miles too that will make things easier.

I have to look at this 10 miles and remind myself I wasn’t doing it a few months back at all. As small as it is, it is the start of something more. Onwards!

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