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weekly summary: 22 February – 28 February

low mileage and high heart rate
low mileage and high heart rate

A week of low mileage and really struggling with my heart rate during runs. It’s so much easier to run steady on a treadmill but long-term, you’re just fooling yourself. Ups and downs of roads, constant pace changes, wind against you, temperature, etc, etc. There are just too many variables that place additional pressure on the body outside of a controlled environment. I’m guilty of forgetting that experience from when I emerged after the first lockdown last April.

The key thing is that I am at least moving. Finally acknowledging that my heart rate is far too high for where I want to run, it has forced me to concede that my basic cardio fitness really isn’t there. It’s actually nowhere near what I hoped it would be after weeks and weeks on the treadmill. The outdoor road doesn’t move backwards when you step on it!

For now, I need to just keep getting the runs in. No matter the effort or the pace for now, it’s just important that I start to address the cardio levels. I might still be able to go out and run a hard 10km but I’ll be destroyed after it and will have done no good at all. Time to suck up the ego and work on the primaries. Onwards!

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